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Swan Systems

A data analytics platform delivering precision irrigation and nutrient management at scale

Swan Systems is a Western Australian company and they have developed an enterprise grade cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for the management of water, nutrients and crop health in Australia, New Zealand and now, Singapore. Current sectors serviced include agriculture, sporting, water utilities and public open space.

The platform combines sophisticated data analytics (including weather forecasts, soil moisture readings and water data), with configurable client data (soil characteristics, crop types, phenological stages) and then applies proprietary algorithms that precisely schedules, monitors and reports on smarter resource management (water and nutrient consumption) for enterprise users.

The platform is highly configurable to the unique characteristics of the client site and adopts an ‘open architecture’ approach to integration so can utilise data from most common providers of automated farm infrastructure.

Swan System’s operating systems have been developed and refined in the field over the last seven years. Extensive involvement in large scale water projects, and the discipline of delivering an outcome to clients like Rio Tinto and the WA Government have underwritten the platforms capability.

Initial seed funding round was done in early 2019 from a small range of institutions and/or sophisticated investors.

The current requirement is to secure preliminary funding of A$2,000,000 to enable Swan Systems to progress the scale up of the sales and marketing function and make a ‘step change’ in market engagement and penetration across multiple channels.

Investment Summary


Investment Instrument Equity Sale

Investment Quantum AUD $2,000,000.00

Equity Sale 22%

Business Valuation AUD $7,000,000.00

Use of Funds Implement Growth Strategy - Market Penetration

Exit Strategy Trade Sale or ASX Listing in 2023


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